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  • Gene synthesis technology service

    Gene synthesis technology service

    The synotype platform of Yonglian biotechnology includes the unique syno ® 1.0-syno ® 3.0 complete DNA synthesis platform in the industry. We offer one-stop solutions for synthetic biology, including:1) High quality DNA synthesis;2) DNA synthesis with high cost performance;3) High throughput DNA synthesis;4) Genome and synthesis pathway synthesis,5) DNA library synthesis.Synotype platform makes our technical system become industry standard.You can order or consult in any of the following ways, and we promise to give you feedback within 1 hour during working hours:Email: download the following file, fill it out and send it to service@union-biotech.comOrder by phone: you can directly contact our experienced engineer at 021-50816608 toll free hotlineQQ consultation: any technical questions can interact with us online QQ: 1347565993
  • Self maintenance of high pressure cell crusher

    Self maintenance of high pressure cell crusher

    Tutors no longer have to worry about machine maintenance!From now on, the majority of new and old customers can watch the self maintenance documents of high-pressure cell crusher / homogenizer under the technical support column of our company. Before our technicians arrive at you, you can carry out the self maintenance of the machine according to the contents in the video, and explain the simple and clear operation, so as to solve the complicated and annoying machine maintenance process for you.Providing convenience and service for you is the direction of our Yonglian people's unremitting efforts!
  • Union-Biotech provides the overall solution of laboratory equipment

    Union-Biotech provides the overall solution of laboratory equipment

    The company's laboratory solution design mainly involves microbiology, biomedicine, biochemistry, animal experiments, gene recombination, biological products and other laboratories. Can be customized according to customer needs, to provide a reasonable design. The complicated and annoying problems in the laboratory construction are left to us. Let's solve the problems for you.Panorama of cell LabPartial scene of cell LabPanorama of refrigerator roomPanorama of testing laboratoryPanorama of PCR amplification LaboratoryPartial drawing of testing laboratory    Please contact us for more scheme examples of the part of the testing laboratory, and we will serve you wholeheartedly! 
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