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Gene synthesis technology service


The synotype platform of Yonglian biotechnology includes the unique syno ® 1.0-syno ® 3.0 complete DNA synthesis platform in the industry. We offer one-stop solutions for synthetic biology, including:

1) High quality DNA synthesis;

2) DNA synthesis with high cost performance;

3) High throughput DNA synthesis;

4) Genome and synthesis pathway synthesis,

5) DNA library synthesis.

Synotype platform makes our technical system become industry standard.

You can order or consult in any of the following ways, and we promise to give you feedback within 1 hour during working hours:

Email: download the following file, fill it out and send it to service@union-biotech.com

Order by phone: you can directly contact our experienced engineer at 021-50816608 toll free hotline

QQ consultation: any technical questions can interact with us online QQ: 1347565993

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