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Talent recruitment


    Sales Engineer

    Place of work:Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing
    Salary:Face to face
    Number of recruiters:5 Person
    Gender requirements:Unlimited
    Age requirements:20~45 Years old

    1. Bachelor degree or above in biology, medicine or medical related major, with similar sales work experience, excellent fresh graduates who pass the probation and have outstanding ability can be employed in an exceptional way;

    2. Outgoing and cheerful personality, love marketing work, good at communicating with others, eager to succeed, dare to challenge high salary;

    3. Obey the enterprise management and have good enterprise loyalty;

    4. Hard working, able to bear hardships and strong working pressure;

    5. Outgoing, quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and affinity; more than one year's experience in the industry or more than three years of related research and development in the industry, with personal customer resources or related background resources, and the ability to independently develop new customers is preferred.

    Job description:

    1. According to the company's marketing plan, complete the sales target and promotion plan within the sales area allocated by the Department;

    2. Develop new market areas;

    3. Collect market information of the jurisdiction and analyze competitors;

    4. Answer customer's questions and make regular customer return visit;

    5. Manage and maintain customer relationship and long-term strategic cooperation plan between customers;

    6. Complete other work arranged by the superior.

         After sales engineer

    Place of work:Shanghai
    Salary:Face to face
    Number of recruiters:2 Person
    Gender requirements:Male
    Age requirements:20~35 Years old

    1. College degree or above, major in food, machinery, medical engineering, biology, etc.

    2. Good communication skills, hard-working, can adapt to long-term business trip.

    3. Experience in after-sales complaint reception and handling of medical device inspection products is preferred.

    Job description:

    1. Be responsible for technical guidance before and after sales of products, product display and technical guidance;

    2. Be responsible for handling customer's complaints or Q & A, and go to the site for guidance if necessary;

    3. Make relevant technical data according to the requirements of the sales team, and cooperate with the product marketing;

    4. Regular technical visit, improve the theoretical level and operation skills of customers, be familiar with the requirements of service process, and do a good job of communication between customers and the company.

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