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Protein Purifier

Product Description

1.        The operating system is flexible and simple, allowing users to customize the configuration of hardware and software to meet a variety of purification needs.

2.        Dual plunger and binary gradient infusion pump and imported PEEK pump head to ensure high precision and reproducibility during the separation and purification process.

3.        Imported DAD full-spectrum detector is used for the UV detection, which has high wavelength precision and good repeatability. Dual channel simultaneous detection is to improve the convenience of detection.

4.        External UV detector flow-through cell, low dead volume and low peak width, improve chromatographic resolution.

5.        High sensitivity pH, conductivity, and UV detectors to improve chromatographic resolution.

6.        Equipped with pressure alarm and bubble sensor detection functions to improve system security and effectively protect chromatography column.

7.        The chromatography workstation is provided with computer and software, with powerful functions and advanced performance, which can efficiently and stably manage the chromatographic data. The functions of software comply with the relevant regulations of the CFDA and meet the requirement of the data traceability and security in the pharmaceutical industry.

8.        The instrument host and the collector can be stacked to effectively save space, the collector was a closed space to effectively prevent sample contamination.


Technical Parameters    




System pump

Material quality

Dual plunger and   binary gradient infusion pump, imported PEEK pump head, biological inert   material

Flow rate range

0.001-25.000   mL/min

Flow precision

1 ‰

Flow accuracy

±1 %

Flow rate reproducibility

0.5 %RSD

Dynamic mixer

2 mL


0 - 20 MPa


Flow rate and   ratio can be modified online, supports linear and gradient

UV detector


Imported   deuterium lamp


Flow-through   cell

2 mm

Wavelength range

200-400 nm,   simultaneous detection of dual channels

280nm fixed   wavelength detection

Wavelength   accuracy

±1 nm

±1 nm

Wavelength   reproducibility

±0.5 nm



1×10 -3   AU/Hr



±4×10 -5   AU@1s

±2×10 -5   AU@1s

pH detector



Conductivity   detector

range0.001-999.99   mS/cmaccuracy±1%

Compensation   for conductivity and temperature

Temperature   Sensor

Built-in   conductivity, 0-100 degrees, accuracy: ± 1 degree

Online filter

Filter buffer   for protection

Mobile phase   selection module

Four channelsA1/A2B1/B2

Injection valve

Automatic   sampling valve, software control, support Load / Inject / Waste function

Bubble sensor

Prevent bubbles   from entering the system and protect the column

Two-channel   collection valve

1 collection, 1   waste outlet

Fraction   collector

1.5 mL and 5 mL   10 × 10 square matrices

Chromatography   workstation

21.5 inch All-in-one   PC, win10 operation system


Includes PTFE /   PEEK tubing, column clamps, operating manuals, tubing connectors, common   tools, etc.

Software   functions

Real-time online   monitoring of UV, pH, conductivity, temperature and pressure

Real-time online   monitoring of UV, conductivity, temperature and pressure

Real-time   modification of flow rate and gradient

Method editing   interface supports UI+Text mode

Support Chinese   and English

Meet relevant   CFDA regulations

Free software  upgrades

Some customers of UNION protein purifier:

Shanghai light source

East China Normal University

Tianjin Medical University

Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Tsinghua University

Sichuan University

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