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Chromatography Refrigerator


Double doors chromatography freezer: UL1500

Single door chromatography freezer: UL1000DM


Product Characteristics

1.        Imported refrigerator, reliable performance and large cooling capacity.

2.        The large cabinet space and 1.65 meters cabinet inner height which is convenient for chromatographic operation.

3.        With pull-out rail, the chromatography instrument can be moved back and forth freely.

4.        The Laminated Board bears 120 kg and is suitable for all kinds of chromatography instruments.

5.        All stainless steel inner wall, smooth and corrosion-resistant, with dehumidification and defrost function.

6.        Double-glazing doors with lock.

7.        2-layer open load-bearing bracket.

8.        Comes with lighting, disinfection lamp, power socket in the cabinet

9.        Comes with over-temperature, differential temperature alarm function, optional RS-232 interface.

10.    Easy to move by casters.


Technical Parameters

1.        Working temperature+1℃~+10℃

2.        Temperature accuracy±2℃

3.        Temperature sensitivity0.5℃

4.        Humidity control range: display range is 1 to 99% RH, control range is adjustable, humidity resolution is 3% RH.

5.        RefrigerantR134a

6.        Power requirementsAlternating current 220V/ 50 Hz /10A

7.        Machine power consumptionAbout 1000W

8.        Internal dimensionsUL15001320*680*1520 mm

UL1000DM660*680*1520 mm

9.        Outside dimensionsUL15001420*790*1980 mm

UL1000DM760*680*1520 mm


Working condition

1.        Ambient temperature+10℃~+30℃

2.        Relative humidity:<80%

3.        The machine should be protected from direct sunlight.

4.        The area around the instrument should be no less than 30cm between obstacles such as walls.

5.        There should be no corrosive gases and harmful impurities in the air, and there should be no strong electromagnetic field interference around.

6.        Refrigeration system must not be started and stopped frequently. The interval between two starts must be more than 5 minutes.

7.        The device shall be powered independently and properly grounded.

Some university and Research Institute customers:

(Rank in any order)

Shanghai Institute of biochemical cells

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai National Science Center of light source

Shanghai Institute of medicine

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University

The Ninth People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University

Fudan University

Shanghai Jiaotong University

Shanghai University of science and technology

East China University of Science and Technology

East China Normal University

Hong Kong University of science and technology

Fujian Normal University

Beijing University of chemical technology


Some enterprise customers:

(Rank in any order)

Intelligent chemistry;

Zhengda Tianqing research


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