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Stackable Incubator Shaker


Product Description

Stacked Incubator Shaker with cooling function, can be used alone, or up to three machines can be stacked and occupy only one footprint. The machine has two types of upper door opening and lower door opening structure. The opening and closing of the doors are separated and totally independent of each other, which are convenient for taking and putting samples in batches at the same time. The machine uses a three-axis eccentric balance movement, which is stable and reliable, and has a long service life. The shaking diameter is 26mm ( CO2 function machine shaking diameter is 50mm), and it has a speed terminal feedback system to maintain high-precision oscillation within the range of 30-300rpm. The PID control technology is combined with the fuzzy control technology to achieve a temperature variation of ± 0.3 ℃ at 37 ℃. The machine can run continuously or at a condition of 0-999h59min. It can also run in 12 sections, which can automatically create the required condition for the same sample under different conditions and different running times. The machine uses a push-pull rail tray structure, which is convenient for taking samples. Large-capacity chamber for 3L flasks.

Product Characteristics     

1.   Two-way UV sterilization: enhance sterilization effect and reduce sterilization dead angle.

2.   Imported inverter compressorsilent, durable, high refrigeration efficiency, energy saving.

3.   Intelligent multi-stage programming operation mode: Up to 12 programs can be set, and the parameters of temperature, speed and time are set for different periods of the experimental process to suit different experimental requirements. The program automatically records and is easy to pick up.

4.   Super-view 10-inch capacitive touch screen: capacitive touch screen, sensitive response. Concise display and easy operation.

5.   The inner cavity baseboard and shaker of the cavity: can be washed by high pressure water. Easy to clean, fast and efficient.

6.   Ultra-long timing: According to the needs of the experiment, you can set a running time of 0 to 999 hours and 59 minutes. The capacitive screen displays the remaining time during operation, and audio-visual alarm is provided at the end of the process. A WIFI control module and a remote monitoring module are optional.

7.   Multiple alarm and protection function: When the instrument runs abnormally, the capacitive screen displays the reason of the abnormality and running state. The machine has over-temperature alarm, over-speed alarm, sensor failure alarm, timing alarm, door open alarm, leakage protection. CO2 function machine also has CO2 over-concentration alarm and over-humidity alarm function.

8.   Advanced adaptive full-automatic PID control: according to the variation of each machine, self-learning and adjusting the relevant parameters to ensure high-precision and high-stability temperature and speed.

9.   Fully automatic defrost function: Automatic intelligent defrosting according to machine’s own needs, without entering the specified time and any other settings.


CO2 function machines also have the following features:

1.   Original imported CO2 infrared sensor: precise control, sensitive response, stable performance and long service life. Not affected by changes in temperature and humidity. The sensor is the standard configuration.

2.   Multi-group high-efficiency filter design: filter gas impurity in the cylinder or prevent gas pollution in the cavity.

3.   No dead-end design: Minimize the growth of bacteria. No need to remove the shaking plate, can be convenient for all-round cleaning and disinfection of the inner cavity.

4.   Double-layer hollow glass window: equipped with heating and anti-fog design, make sure the cell culture status clearly visible.

5.   High-humidity anti-rust and anti-condensation water design: prevent the cavity and the shaker door from rusting under high humidity, and prevent the trace water on the door from flowing to the ground when the door is opened.

Technical Parameters





18℃60℃The lowest ambient temperature is 4 ℃

Temp. uniformity


Temp. Accuracy

0.1℃Constant  temperature state

CO2   Sensor



CO2 Control Range



Humidification method


Humidification plate

Max. Humidity





UV sterilization




Speed Accuracy


Orbit Diameter




10 inch color   capacitive touch screen

Max. Capacity

Flask clamp500 mL×34/ 1000 mL×22/

 2000 mL×15/ 3000 mL×12

Paste pad500 mL×35/   1000 mL×24/ 2000 mL×15/ 3000 mL×12



Platform   Dimensions

900*560 mm

Timing range

0-999 h 59 min

Internal   Dimensions

1005*690*350 mm

Automatic defrost


Outside   Dimensions

1380×875×535 mm

Height of top shaker from ground

1.4 m


290 kg

295 kg


<1100 W

<1200 W

Power supply





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Beijing Institute of Biophysics

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai Institute of biochemical cell

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai Institute of plant growth

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai organic Research Institute

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai Institute of medicine

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai Pasteur Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai Biochemical cross center

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai light source National Science Center

Shenzhen Peking University

Hong Kong University of science and Technology Medical Center

Tsinghua University

Fudan University

Shanghai Jiaotong University

University of science and technology of China

Zhejiang University

Tianjin University

Nankai University

East China University of Science and Technology

Shanghai University of science and technology

Jinan University

Shanghai Junshi Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Shanghai Institute of biological products

Protocell Technology Group Co., Ltd


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