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Pilot type High Pressure Homogenizer

Technical Characteristics

1.   The homogenization process produces less heat, low discharge temperature, reduces the influence of high temperature to protect the structure and activity of the material.

2.   The homogenization process is efficient and convenient, easy to use, short in time and high in efficiency. Support to CIP and sterilization.

3.   Good homogenization effect and high uniformity of material after homogeneity.

4.   Choose the world's leading Diamond Valve Group, shelf life up to 2000-5000 hours, high hardness, good wear resistance and long service life.

5.   Innovative homogenization structure design - bell mouth, increase the shear force and improve homogenization efficiency.

6.   Italy GEFRAN pressure gauge, LCD display, real-time monitoring of pressure.

7.   Adopt physical homogenization method, no chemical residue. The pipeline in contact with material is 316L stainless steel, prevent material residue.

8.   In-place built-in cooling system, 4-6 ℃ cooling water temperature control, discharge temperature 10-12 °C, to ensure material activity.

9.   High efficient homogenization, overall increase of 35% protein yield based on customer data.

10.  High-strength all-stainless steel ultra-high-pressure pump, automatic injection, continuous operation.

11.  Core components imported from Europe to ensure quality.

 Working Principle


The material is pumped and pressurized to enter a valve group with adjustable pressure by a plunger pump. After passing through a specific width of flow-limiting gap (working area) , the material that loses pressure instantaneously is ejected from high-pressure chamber and impacted on the collision ring at a very high flow rate (1000-1500 M/s). The collision produces three effects of Cavitation, Shear effect, Collision effect to ensure homogenization, dispersion, emulsification and nanoparticle for the material.

Technical Parameter

Pilot level




Maximum Design   Pressure

150 MPa/1500 bar

200 MPa/2000 bar

Continuous   working pressure

120 MPa/1200 bar

165 MPa/1650 bar

Optimal homogenization   concentration of the sample


Maximum   throughput

96 L/h

120 L/h

Minimum   throughput

1 L

1 L

Material residue



Motor power

5.5 kW/50Hz

11 kW/50 Hz

Power supply

380 V

Homogenizing   valve material

Diamond / Special   alloy

Note: Power supply can be customized according to European standards.

Image of homogenization example

Before homogenization                        After homogenization

filename        filename

filename          filename

filename    filename

Customers of universities and scientific research institutes:

(Rank in any order)

Beijing Institute of Biophysics

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai Institute of biochemical cell

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai Institute of plant growth

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai organic Research Institute

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai Institute of medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai center of adversity, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai Pasteur Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai Biochemical cross center, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Fujian Institute of physical architecture, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wuhan Institute of Biotechnology

Shanghai light source National Science Center

Shanghai Institute of veterinary medicine, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute

Shenzhen Peking University Hong Kong University of science and Technology Medical Center

Beijing Agricultural College

Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute

Kunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

Tsinghua University

Peking University

Fudan University

Shanghai Jiaotong University

University of science and technology of China

Zhejiang University

WuHan University

Sichuan University

Sun Yat-sen University

Tianjin University

Shandong University

Nankai University

East China University of Science and Technology

Shanghai University of science and technology

South University of science and technology

Tianjin University of science and technology

Jinan University

Jiangnan University

Fuzhou University

Soochow University

Hebei University

Beijing Normal University

Hangzhou Normal University 

South China University of Technology

Central China Normal University

Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Ocean University of China

South China Agricultural University

Nanjing Agricultural University

Hebei University

Guangzhou Medical University

Guangzhou University

Nanchang University

Central South University

China University of petroleum

Shanghai Medical College of health

Shanghai Normal University

Hefei University of science and technology

Henan Agricultural University

Henan Institute of animal husbandry economics

Huaihai Institute of Technology

hengshui university


Some enterprise customers:

Shanghai wisdom Chemical Research Co., Ltd

Nongfu mountain spring Co., Ltd

Baiji Shenzhou Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Suzhou Kunpeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Meiyaoxing (Nanjing) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Shanghai Qingliu Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd

Shanghai Jingxin biomedical Co., Ltd

Wuhan Hanhai new enzyme Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Dean Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Beijing Yuanda Jiuhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Wuxi baiaode Biological Science Co., Ltd

General biological system (Anhui) Co., Ltd

Mona Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Nanjing boyukanyuan Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd

Changzhou Tianzhen Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Wuhan aibotec Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Tianluo diagnostic technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd

Shanghai Yingji Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Mona (Lianyungang) Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Ningbo Kunpeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd


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