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UX2000 chiller

UX series Precision Chiller is a fully closed refrigeration system, combined with PID control, which has the advantages of fast cooling, stable temperature and precise constant temperature cooling. It adopts non start stop cooling technology. Its design and manufacture can provide industry leading technical indicators and reliability, and it is a high-precision and stable cooling equipment.

Technical Characteristics

1.    Fully enclosed refrigeration system with stable operation and reliable performance.

2.    Digital display and control, high precision and uniform temperature.

3.    Microprocessor PID intelligent algorithm with learning function, better meet customer needs.

4.    Adopt ultra-quiet circulating water pump, the whole machine works quietly, low noise.

5.    High performance refrigeration system and pump circulation system, suitable for long time continuous work.

6.    Closed water tank and pipe structure to avoid coolant contamination and oxidation.

7.    Standard stainless-steel inlet and outlet water interface, can be equipped with a variety of joints or hoses, external closed-circuit circulation.

8.    Real-time display of working status and alarm status.

9.    RS485 communication is optional, easy to connect upper PC.

10. Easy temperature calibration.

Technical parameters

Model: ux2000

Temperature range: 5-35 ℃

Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.1

Refrigerating capacity: 2000W

Circulating water pressure: 0 ~ 4bar

Circulating flow rate / min: 10 ~ 28L

Tank volume: 14L

Net weight: 71kg

Boundary dimension: 385 × 655 × 700mm

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz

Refrigeration system: R134a

Applicable models: uh-96, uh-240

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