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High-throughput phase separation screening (HiPSS) kit
¥960 ¥1200

Article No.: US-0184Product DescriptionThis product is a screening kit containing 184 conditions based on the phase separation mechanism of proteins and key factors affecting protein phase separation. This product can be used to screen proteins with phase separation ability, evaluate the strength of protein phase separation ability, study the mechanism of protein phase separation and identify the key factors driving protein phase separation. In addition, the effect of other molecules (such as protein, nucleic acid and small molecule) on the phase separation of the target protein can also be identified by pre-mixing the target protein with other molecules. Product Characteristics1.   High throughput screening of proteins with phase separation ability.2.   Identify protein phase separation capabilities and phase separation conditions.3.   It can be used to study the molecular mechanism of protein phase separation.4.   Low cost, easy to use, high accuracy.5.   Operators do not need protein phase separation experience or technical background.Technical Advantages1.   This product covers the various conditions, including a variety of electrolytes, polymer at the simulation of cell crowded environment, as well as a number of pH gradient, charged reagents.2.   This product can be used to achieve the rapid and efficient screening of phase separation of proteins, while combining a small amount of proteins and reagents added into the phase-separation screening plate, can achieve the quantitative evaluation of the ability to phase separation of the target protein.3.   Low threshold, rapid screening can be achieved by using a blowtorch and an ordinary light-field inverted microscope, and phase separation protein images can be acquired by using a laser confocal microscope.Product ContentPhase separation reagent plate2 piecesPhase separation screen plate20 piecesSealing film30 sheetsNote: There are 2 phase separation reagent plates with a total of 23 columns, 8 conditions in each column, and each condition contains 50 μL of solution. Open the sealing cap when using for the first time. After use, it should be quickly sealed with a film and stored at -20 ° C.

293 Cell Culture Medium
¥400 ¥600

The medium is an optimized, chemically defined formulation designed to support the high-density culture and transient transfection of HEK293 cell line in suspension, such as HEK293F, HEK293H, HEK293S and HEK293FT. Product Characteristics1.  Contains L-glutamine, no need to add separately when using. 2.  The medium is chemically defined formulation. This chemically defined medium does not contain any protein, undefined lysates or components of animal origin and has low lot-to-lot variation.3.   No need to change medium before and after transfection, suitable for transient transfection, stable transfection, and cell culture. 4.   Suitable for cell suspension culture and large-scale reactor culture, thousands of successful cases of protein expression.  Technical ParametersCatalog     NumberUP1000specification1000 mLAppearanceclear red solutionApplicable cell lineHEK293 related cells(such as HEK293F、HEK293H 、HEK293S、HEK293FT)pH6.9–7.4Generation time< 26 hrs   (The numerical   value varied with the cell type and state)Sterility testAsepsisEvaluation of cell culture excellentEndotoxin< 10 EU/mLProduct UsageFor scientific research only, not suitable for   human or animal diagnosis and treatment.Period of validity12 monthsStorage conditions2-8 ℃, keep away from light※Note: Union 293 cell culture medium is a clear red transparent liquid. It is kept in the dark at 2 ~ 8 ° C. Do not use the medium if it becomes cloudy or precipitated.Product use effect:Union 293 medium is especially suitable for HEK293f culture. The figure below shows the comparison of the culture effect of UNION culture medium and a foreign brand culture medium on Expi293 cells from two aspects of cell growth curve and cell viability.Note: solid represents cell viability, while hollow represents cell number.List of some customers:Fudan UniversityNational protein facility CenterSouthern Medical UniversityShanghai Jiaotong UniversityShanghai University of science and technologyUniversity of science and technology of ChinaChinese Academy of Medical SciencesShanghai Institute of life sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences...

Insect Cell Culture Medium
¥300 ¥400

Product DescriptionUK1000 is a serum-free, protein-free medium for insect cell culture. It contains Plurionic F-68, L-Glutamine, Sodium bicarbonate. Developed and optimized of serum-free culture for SF9, SF21 and High-Five insect cell lines, it is suitable for the expression of foreign proteins by insect cell baculovirus expression system and can obtain high titer wild-type AcNPV. Cells can be transferred directly from serum-free or serum-containing media to UK1000 without adaptation process for cell generation. Adapted cell lines: SF9, SF21 and High-Five insect cell linesFeatures: No animal derived ingredients, no protein, no serumStorage conditions: 2-8 ° C, protected from light. (For long-term storage, store at -20 ° C and protected from light.)Uses: Used for scientific research and cell culture in vitro, not suitable for human or animal diagnosis and treatment.List of some customers:Fudan UniversityNational protein facility CenterSouthern Medical UniversityShanghai Jiaotong UniversityUniversity of science and technology of ChinaChinese Academy of Medical SciencesShanghai Institute of life sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences...

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